SWFL's Premiere Crossfit Box

Barbell Club

The Barbell Club at CFFM provides an opportunity for clients wishing to train specifically for strength, SIZE and the sport of Powerlifting.  “Load, Lift, Repeat” is the club motto.  A structured training program consisting of Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and some CrossFit techniques is utilized and training waves are designed in 4 to 12 week segments throughout the year.  Some Strongman and Olympic Lifting techniques are used in conjunction with this training.

The intake process is dictated by the timing of the current strength cycle club members are following.  A certain prerequisite level of knowledge and experience of the basic barbell movements is required: You don’t have to be a “beast” of a lifter (but that can be your goal!) however you should have a solid foundation with these movements and know what your numbers are before requesting to join the club.

If you are interested in getting bigger and stronger, then contact the Barbell Sports Club Manager: Coach Cobb at jason@crossfitfortmyers.com OR come by the gym this Friday night at 6pm and I’ll be available to discuss how the club will operate and whether or not it is a good fit for you!