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Currently, more than 64% of US adults are either overweight or obese, according to results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

CrossFit’s philosophy about the way we should eat was instilled upon us by the Caveman and Dr. Sears. There are 2 main focuses- What we eat– the Paleolithic Diet (Paleo) and How we eatThe Zone. It breaks down to this: If you eat organic foods that the cavemen had access to thousands of years ago in correct portions as to ensure hormonal balance, then your body will run more efficiently, you will have more energy and many medical problems prevalent in the typical Western diet will be held at bay.

~Excerpt from CrossFit Nutrition Guide


Fresh Fit Foods

CrossFit Fort Myers is proud to serve FreshFit Foods. FreshFit Foods Is a healthy food delivery service located in Naples, FL. Their Chef has degrees in both Nutrition & Culinary Arts and prepares delicious, nutritious lunches and dinners conveniently available for pickup at CFFM! They use only fresh ingredients and make everything on their menu from scratch. The current menu consists of 48 different dishes spread across a 6-week cycle menu. In addition to the standard meal plan they also offer dinner only, lunch only, ‘Athlete’ portions and family style meal plans. The recipes are typically low in carbohydrates, however, they are not strict paleo. For more information, please email Chad at chad@freshfitnaples.com or visit their website.